The past few years have seen an unprecedented change in the world of banking and how customer data can be utilized. A lot of thought-process goes into understanding how a change in law is going to affect a bank’s profitability, and tons of analysis is done to identify high value customers by banks, and what the banks can do to serve these customers better. A lot of time is devoted to understanding consumer-spending pattern in order to provide the best services. Not only customers, banks also try to analyze its own liquidity and return on investment.

Banks need to analyze not only the current data, but also historical data to better understand and predict the best course of action. This requires churning through voluminous amount of data and that too fast. Also, with the advent of digital banking, data is poised only to grow exponentially, and bank needs to be capable of handling all types of data i.e structured, semi-structured and unstructured.

Pentation - Enabling Banks Keep-up and Outperform in a Rapidly Changing World

Pentation Analytics believes that we can help banks embrace this new trend. With varied experience in Big Data Sciences domain, Pentation enables banks to better manage and access their data and harness the power of this data with analytics.

Through Machine Learning technology, Pentation empowers banks to make quick and insightful decisions, without the need for human intervention.

Together, we create real, measurable value by deploying advanced analytics, AI, human intelligence and other domain-specific technology solutions to help organizations stay ahead of competition and to provide best of customer service for business growth.


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