Big Data Platform Implementation

Exploit the 'Big' Opportunities in Disguise

We help organizations create an Analytics Ready Data environment. This helps in creating a single, unified data management framework that brings appropriate data together for reporting & analysis. Such streamlining of data provides a unified view across various segments.

Pentation Analytics can help organizations to:

  • Gain deep insights to take timely action
  • Manage huge volumes of data, with multiple deployment options
  • Automation of data pull, aggregation for reporting and increase in productivity

Gain Intelligence for Accurate Decisions and Predictions by:

Predictive modelling

Specialized predictive models for the Banking, Financial Services and Insurance industries.


In view of multiple variables impacting management decisions, there are business scenarios requiring optimization. Pentation Analytics has capabilities to deploy analytics methods and tools to run optimization programs.

Business intelligence

Facilitate enterprises to effectively deploy business intelligence across teams and in such a manner that insights have profitable impact on business.

Data management

Value-add to data at enterprises for enabling effective use of data for business processes and as well as an essential step for analytics.

Risk reduction

Reduces risks by creating a more accurate and complete view of your data.


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