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Realize ROI using predictive intelligence for customer, risk and operations

We help financial institutions to utilize the power of analytics for various functions, right from customer segmentation and profiling, to sharpen risk assessment and drive revenues. In the banking space, offerings range from data management solutions using big data technologies to loan analytics and customer segmentation & cross sell.

Loan Analytics

Loan Analytics enables lending organisations to make better business decisions by providing timely and actionable information, increasing visibility of risks across the organization.

The targeted benefits for Loan Analytics application include:

Increase collections using delinquency predictions

While delinquency of large borrowers often ends up on the negotiation table, solution for addressing potential delinquency situations for the consolidators and buyers in the retail scenario lies in appropriate data driven decisions.

Segment wise including NPA analysis

Segments range from Payment houses, Banks, Home and Commercial real estate brokers, Educational lenders, etc.

Inclusion of external data sources along with payment patterns

The model developed at Pentation Analytics utilizes data from loan pools for recovery estimation and tail value calculation rather than one single loan book.

Models for specific loan segments

Pentation Analytics' predictive models for loans, both for Performing and Non-Performing loans, are developed on sectorial trends. Specifically for Non-Performing loans, the ideal pricing for the sellers, the consolidators and buyers, hinges on recovery estimation and delinquency behavioral models.

Monitoring and diagnostics of current recovery trends

Evaluate loan portfolio, risk analysis and reporting solutions including report generation for loans at origination, disbursement and collection stages.

Customer Analytics

Our analytics capabilities help in customer segmentation, which enables the Banks to know each customer as an individual. Customer Analytics helps financial institutions to gain a single view of the customer, providing fact based insights. These insights can help unlock hidden opportunities for Cross sell and Up sell.

Profiling of customers also enables banks to correctly position relevant offerings to the right set of customers at the right time. This helps in providing customized products, better strategy formulation, thereby enhancing customer relationships.

Predictive Application Monitoring Framework

Predictive APM enables maintenance of Internet Banking systems/infrastructure leveraging machine data. This enables Banks in Identification of lead indicators for system failures using log data.

Predictive APM presents multi-layer and multi-system monitoring view to multiple teams, which enhances readability of the logs and presents them in user-friendly structured format. This is a self-service oriented solution implementation, providing the benefit of eliminating need for manual trudging through different logs to debug errors. Our solution helps banks in enhancing their system performance, thereby reducing load on the servers.


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