Quote Machine
Computer vision in Insurance

Estimates at Pentation Analytics reveal that 95% of assets that are insured are never "seen" by the underwriter!

While insurers have been operating for ages, risk assessment and underwriting practices have been rooted in analysis of numeric data. "Seeing is believing" has rarely been part of the underwriters’ experience analysis paradigm except for large structures or specialized risks such as aviation or marine hull.So far, for personal lines, while images and videos are used at time of claim however not at time of underwriting the risk.

Insurance Analytics Suite from Pentation Analytics equips Insurance underwriters to really view risks in a true sense apart from the data based history. Bye, bye moral hazard!

Quote Machine (QM), is an innovative tool, offered as part of the Insurance Analytics Suite, proprietary analytical product developed by Pentation Analytics.QM enables the end owner of an asset to generate accurate insurance quotes basis image or video capture/upload. QM can be used via both web and mobile interfaces.

Implementation - Insurance Analytics Suite is available both on premise and on cloud.


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