Practive - Capital Markets

Customer activation for Capital Markets

Practive is a customer activation solution for Capital Market intermediaries and fund houses. The product has predictive algorithms which can be leveraged to reactivate an inactive customer or further deepen existing relationships.

Speedy analysis for generating deep insights

Capital market analytical record solution for securities market / brokerage houses enables speedy analysis and business insights generation. It is an intelligent, proprietary data model consisting of comprehensive information at client level right from account opening, which helps in a targeted research.

Intervention points for proactive approach

Practive identifies particular trait of each transacting customer and helps identify those who are likely to become dormant. Users can accordingly generate early Intervention points for customers to keep continuously transacting.

Discover opportunities through customer analysis

Understand customer appetite and tailor offerings accordingly. Practive enables to get a margin-topulti-dimensional view of the customer transaction. This allows users to market specific offerings suited to their unique needs

Practive brings together the following functionalities:

  • Dashboards - Descriptive statistics, channel preferences, customer interaction statistics
  • Predictive algorithms - Predictive algorithms for activation of existing retail customers across the customer lifecycle
  • Curated Market Information Matching Intelligence - Facilitates business trend analysis
  • Campaign Management - Enables generation of targeted lists for customer, channel and product focused campaigns.


  • Higher number of transacting retail customers
  • Intelligent triggers for investment decisions
  • Improved customer engagement and retention


  • Organizational readiness to leverage analytics for business benefits
  • Family of predictive algorithms to select from

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