Insurance Analytics Suite

Increase retention. Optimize claims. Cross sell

Insurance Analytics Suite is a process automation & predictive intelligence enabled product for your entire policy renewal enhancement. The product combines structured policy and claim information & unstructured interaction data to benefit the Insurance company/Intermediaries' operations, customer retention & profitability.

customer value

Unique proposition for players in the Insurance business

Single, analytical platform for Motor, Health, P&C, and Life insurance. Analytical intervention for core insurance processes.

Machine learning engine

At the core of the product is its myriad mathematical constructs and computational methods that are used to extract intelligence from data. Some of these methods are custom designed with integrated domain knowledge and others are fully automated ones.

The product uses two major variants, custom algorithm with integrated domain, and automated XGBoost with custom selected variables. The custom algorithm better generalizes the underlying distribution, whereas, the XGBoost specializes the model for specific sections of data.

Customer one view

Customer one view across customer lifecycle. Key objective is to assist operations and as well improve contactability.

Ready to deploy - On premise or on cloud

We offer rapidly deployable solutions which help Insurance players transform and run a wide variety of operations while reducing risk exposure. Deploy Insurance Analytics Suite via a traditional on-premises approach or on private and public cloud environment of Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Modular product

The product is designed using a modular approach suitable for each step of policy renewal life cycle. Insurers can select and implement modules depending on their requirements and priorities.

Additional functionalities

  • Risk-based policy segmentation enabling a focused approach
  • Multiple intervention options during the retention process for better conversion
  • Transparent view of systems for a rich user experience
  • Role based Use: Be it a Power User, Middle Management or an Analyst - Everyone benefits from Insurance Analytics Suite

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