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Featured Product: Insurance Analytics Suite

Increase retention. Optimize claims. Cross sell.

Insurance Analytics Suite is a process automation & predictive intelligence enabled product for your entire policy renewal enhancement.The product combines structured policy and claim information & unstructured interaction data to benefit the Insurance company / Intermediaries' operations,customer retention & profitability.


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Banking Analytics

We help Financial Institutions to utilize the power of analytics for various functions, right from customer segmentation and profiling, to sharpen risk assessment and drive revenues. In the banking space, offerings range from data management solutions using big data technologies to Loan analytics, Customer segmentation and Cross sell.


Big Data Platform Implementation

We help organizations create an Analytics ready Data environment. This creates a single, unified data management framework that brings appropriate data together for reporting & analysis. Such streamlining of data provides a unified view across various segments.


Capital Market Analytical Record

Capital Market Analytical Record (CMAR) is a customer activation solution for Capital Market intermediaries and fund houses.The solution has predictive algorithms which can be leveraged to reactivate an inactive customer or further deepen existing relationships


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Banking/NBFCs (Loans)

Insurance Policies

Capital Markets



About Pentation Analytics

Pentation Analytics provides cutting edge analytics applications for the Banking, Financial Services, Capital Markets, Insurance, and Payments Sectors.

Established in 2015, our drive for innovation in analytics has given us the opportunity to work with some of the best players in the BFSI space.

Pentation Analytics' one of it's kind applications are developed by leveraging Domain experience and Data Sciences. Read More...


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